Pie Contest

I entered my first and last pie contest today.  The experience was fun in some ways, but ended up reminding me why I prefer to cook for people I know and love rather than for money or prestige.  Some how when there’s judgement or money involved some of the fun is taken out of it.  … Continue reading Pie Contest

Banana muffins

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. It’s just…well, that’s just me. Sorry.  Anyway, I love muffins for kids (and myself), but I don’t like how they’re basically tiny cakes loaded with sugar. So I made these up to have no refined sugar, with plenty of whole grain and a pop of protein. I think … Continue reading Banana muffins


I have been feeling under nurtured lately. I’m not sure if I need more care from my family or from myself, but I know I have over extended.  When the end of the day comes I have little energy for any personal pursuits and instead fritter away the evening on YouTube and mindless clicking.  I’m … Continue reading Nurtured