Riding the Waves

Growth isn’t linear, for adults or for children.  Some days life flows and you’re riding the waves and enjoying the sunshine.  Other days you’re sucked in the undertow and the waves are crashing on top of you, lungs filled with sand and salt water.  I have definitely been under the waves lately.  Feeling the victim, … Continue reading Riding the Waves

Perhaps Spring

Quite uncharacteristically, spring seems to be in the air.  Where I live it is usually cold and snowing into April with the occasional late May snow fall.  Tomorrow is forecasted to be in the 50s and we spent an afternoon at the lake this past week.  Granted, there was still a good amount of ice … Continue reading Perhaps Spring

Alpaca Adventures

After our usual Monday grocery trip, we stopped at the playground to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. As a rule, Roan does not really like playgrounds, but he did manage to make a game of building piles of wood chips and poking at them with sticks. River, in contrast, loved the playground and was climbing … Continue reading Alpaca Adventures

Cooking and Reading

Easing into our fall/winter rhythm, which always feels a lot more intentional than our summer routine. We live in a place that gets very cold for a large part of the year so outings include a large amount of time putting layers and outerwear on. One thing is for sure though, we always do a … Continue reading Cooking and Reading


Tis the season of spice and pumpkin, warmth and hearty meals. The business of summer is fading away and the slow sleep of winter approaches.  One baby is a year old now. Running around and getting into mischief. The elder is now closer to a little boy than a baby.  The wheel turns.           … Continue reading Autumn 


          Summer days. To do list discarded.  Priorities shift.  Long days at the lake, picnics, and berry picking.  Brown skin, sunshine hair, berry juice running through my veins.   Hazy evenings, mosquitoes buzzing, sudden rain storms flooding the flower beds.  No regrets, no worries, just sunshine and joy. Continue reading Summerness