Summer days. To do list discarded.  Priorities shift.  Long days at the lake, picnics, and berry picking.  Brown skin, sunshine hair, berry juice running through my veins.   Hazy evenings, mosquitoes buzzing, sudden rain storms flooding the flower beds.  No regrets, no worries, just sunshine and joy. Continue reading Summerness

Catching up

I had the stomach flu and a lot of things fell apart. Well, maybe not fell apart, but I feel as if I’ve been playing catch up ever since.     “Kitchen Sink” granola always makes for an easy breakfast. Plus, I like cleaning out my little bits of nuts and dried fruit.     Time for … Continue reading Catching up


Yesterday we went to the Humane Society to play with kittens.  Somehow a kitten adopted us and we brought him home.  He has proven to be very mellow, sweet and relaxed.  We named him Moonlight. Moon woke Nori up at 1:30 in the morning and, naturally, Nori was too excited to go back to sleep.  … Continue reading Moonlight

The Way to the Heart

I love to cook for my family.  A lot.  There are moments when having two children under three can be difficult.  Attempting to meet their very individual needs while being a good partner and caring for myself can make me feel pulled in a thousand directions.  However, all of those direction always seem to intersect … Continue reading The Way to the Heart