Welcoming Autumn

Today night and day are of equal length.  The darkness will now grow until the sun is reborn on the Winter Solstice.  The children and I decorated our Autumnal Equinox altar yesterday and talked about plans of apple picking and leaf piles.  Tomorrow we are having friends over to do more celebrating and on Sunday … Continue reading Welcoming Autumn

In bloom

It is nearly the first day of summer and our beds are a mass of wildflowers.  We planted these last year by just scattering seeds so many of the flowers blooming this season are a surprise.  The butterflies and bees are very happy and my heart is lifted each time I pull into the driveway … Continue reading In bloom


I have been feeling under nurtured lately. I’m not sure if I need more care from my family or from myself, but I know I have over extended.  When the end of the day comes I have little energy for any personal pursuits and instead fritter away the evening on YouTube and mindless clicking.  I’m … Continue reading Nurtured 


          Summer days. To do list discarded.  Priorities shift.  Long days at the lake, picnics, and berry picking.  Brown skin, sunshine hair, berry juice running through my veins.   Hazy evenings, mosquitoes buzzing, sudden rain storms flooding the flower beds.  No regrets, no worries, just sunshine and joy. Continue reading Summerness

Strawberry Solstice

We went strawberry picking for the Summer Solstice.  The weather was gorgeous- sunny and breezy. Nori was still very tired from his 1:30am wake up call so he did more daydreaming than picking.                 10 pounds of strawberries. I turned a large amount of them into a strawberry rhubarb pie. Hands down best pie … Continue reading Strawberry Solstice


Yesterday we went to the Humane Society to play with kittens.  Somehow a kitten adopted us and we brought him home.  He has proven to be very mellow, sweet and relaxed.  We named him Moonlight. Moon woke Nori up at 1:30 in the morning and, naturally, Nori was too excited to go back to sleep.  … Continue reading Moonlight