Welcoming Autumn

Today night and day are of equal length.  The darkness will now grow until the sun is reborn on the Winter Solstice.  The children and I decorated our Autumnal Equinox altar yesterday and talked about plans of apple picking and leaf piles.  Tomorrow we are having friends over to do more celebrating and on Sunday … Continue reading Welcoming Autumn

In bloom

It is nearly the first day of summer and our beds are a mass of wildflowers.  We planted these last year by just scattering seeds so many of the flowers blooming this season are a surprise.  The butterflies and bees are very happy and my heart is lifted each time I pull into the driveway … Continue reading In bloom

Cooking and Reading

Easing into our fall/winter rhythm, which always feels a lot more intentional than our summer routine. We live in a place that gets very cold for a large part of the year so outings include a large amount of time putting layers and outerwear on. One thing is for sure though, we always do a … Continue reading Cooking and Reading


Tis the season of spice and pumpkin, warmth and hearty meals. The business of summer is fading away and the slow sleep of winter approaches.  One baby is a year old now. Running around and getting into mischief. The elder is now closer to a little boy than a baby.  The wheel turns.           … Continue reading Autumn