Riding the Waves

Growth isn’t linear, for adults or for children.  Some days life flows and you’re riding the waves and enjoying the sunshine.  Other days you’re sucked in the undertow and the waves are crashing on top of you, lungs filled with sand and salt water.  I have definitely been under the waves lately.  Feeling the victim, … Continue reading Riding the Waves

The good work 

When we bought our house we knew we would have a lot of work to do. Inside it was mostly cosmetic work, but the outside was severely neglected. Sand, ants, brambles and thorns. The land is sloped in many places and has virtually no topsoil and tons and tons of river rocks. We aren’t too … Continue reading The good work 

Fresh Air

The barest hint of green is starting to emerge from the earth. It is almost as if the Green Man has a stubbly beard. Funnily enough, this is one of my favorite times of year to hike. No mosquitoes or ticks, cool weather and infant seedlings.  During the warmer days I am taking my yoga … Continue reading Fresh Air

A Lesson of Bread

The mornings are getting colder and snowier. The darkness lingers longer everyday. The stove is burning all the time now and I feel sleepier and slower. I look forward to the Solstice when the light is reborn and the days begin to lengthen again. I gave the children a lesson of bread the other day. … Continue reading A Lesson of Bread